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The Social Network For Adventure Junkies

What is Summit?

Summit is a social network that brings together adventure junkies from all over the world to share stories, help each other out and meet other adventure buddies. 

It's like Facebook for adventure junkies, but with better privacy, no ads and tons of extras. 

Why Summit Is Better Than Other Social Networks

👉 No Ads. No company can advertise on Summit. So you won't get bombarded by annoying ads from advertisers.

👉 No Secret (aka creepy) Algorithm. Summit comes with a fully customizable News Feed, so YOU decide what content is shown in your feed and what's not. 

👉 Adventure Talk Only. There's no place in Summit for politics, pandemics or anything else that is not related to outdoor adventure.  

What's Included in Summit

☀️ Fully Customizable News Feed - Keep track of the content you're interested in by adding them to your news feed sources, instead of having an algorithm choose for you.

☀️ Forums - Meet other like-minded people in a secured and ad-free online space. Our forums are organized by activity and topics.

☀️ Chat Rooms - Regular live chats and private messaging system to communicate with other members and moderators.

☀️ Live Events - Take part in our live webinars or watch the replay of these interactive sessions with our team members in a variety of topics.

☀️ Mobile App - Access to all the Summit content from your smartphone with the Mighty Networks mobile App.

☀️ MultiSport - Summit covers 6 different activity groups: hiking, scuba diving, climbing, kayaking, cycling and winter sports.

and much more!

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